by nerinacocchi

Paris, 12th arrondissement

Dear reader,

outdoors rehearsals and close research are producing their effect: ideas are starting to float in me. Images, feelings, sensations, shapes, relationships. I feel like a sponge taking in whatever comes my way. I haven’t experienced this sensation in almost two years, and it feels like myself again. I don’t think an artist can experience a greater pleasure.

Today was a gorgeous, tasty experience. With Alena and Andrea we were in a garden right next to the Promenade plantée right along rue de Bercy. We had been there for about 1h15, with Alena exploring the space and slowly building a maze of yarn and bamboo branches, with some sparse newspaper pages afloat in the midst of it all. At that point, as I had just walked to her and asked her to stop building and just playing with the space she had created, we heard voices. Children. Many of them.

There were probably 30 of them. An after school group, coming to eat their goûter in the park. Well, they saw the maze. And they didn’t stop. They started asking questions: “what is it? what is it for? is it a sculpture? can we touch it?” I asked them what it was: “It’s for Christmas!” “It’s a spiderweb!” “it’s to jump!” So many answers. “Can we play with the yarn?”

Oh yeah. And they did.

What a pleasure to see free spirits playing with the legumi, as Andrea calls them. Yarn balls flying across tree branches. Legs jumping over yarn strings. Walking underneath. Running. Screaming. Excitement. Free flow.

“Madame, je crois que vous n’aurez plus de pelotes…” We did, at the end. God knows how.

Thank you kids for playing with my universe. Thank you for looking at it with the honesty of your heart. And thank you for showing me that 5 minutes is more than enough time for play. And that all it takes is an energy.

Thank you for being there today and liberating whatever was there waiting to be liberated. Shapes, colors, ideas, interventions, Lego spirit.

With the greatest smile,