by nerinacocchi

Rome, Via Poliziano

Dear reader,

the POST•M company is heading back to Paris tomorrow, attacking a second part of rehearsals. The next three or four weeks will be dedicated to intense research, story-building, universe-bulding and choreographic research. Breaking up our time in different ways and meeting less all together as a company, this time will allow me to compartmentalize the different aspects of this production and start weaving the different threads that will make up the next part of the creative process.

After this reinvigorating Roman experience, I feel ready to bite at the material and dive head and tummy first into family history, post-traumatic theory and movement exploration of different parts of Paris and its suburbs. I look forward to share all the material I have gathered in the past years!

We will also be developing the new characters inhabited by Maria and Viviane, and start imagining a new common world, in which everybody has a space, a place and a time.

And guess what? Andrea’s almost there to physically join us at rehearsals and Heather’s arriving in 9 days, exactly!