by nerinacocchi

Paris, 20th arrondissement

Dear reader,

Italy’s government is shaking like a phone on vibrate, but which still stays on the table. Today’s La Repubblica shows, among other things, the pictures of an empty Camera (House of Representatives), of Berlusconi’s right hand man Umberto Bossi’s yawns and of the Radicals, the only five politicians of the opposition which remained for Berlusconi’s nth discourse to get “la fiducia”, aka trust. But most importantly: a series of six very important shots showing the Premier of Italy’s government taking a cough drop, putting it in his mouth and swallowing it.

I know Italy may seem really far away and quite irrelevant to many of you. And yet, I have one question. How are you, wherever you are, connected to this ongoing political crisis? What are its effects on you, on your everyday life? If your first answer is: “None.”, think again. The one and only fact that you’re reading this, well, it means that you are connected to it. In your mind, with your body, with the language you may or may not speak.

The word “connection” comes from the Latin connexio: cum (with) + nexium (bind, tie). Everything is connected, with ties. Whatever those are, our vocabulary, our food, our thoughts, our energies, our Ikea furniture, our water, our oxygen, our atoms, we are connected, and as such are part of one thing.

So, now, take a big breath, and feel the connection with this universe of atoms, of oxygen, of water. Of money and interests. Of personal advantages in a continuous scramble for happiness. Just breathe. And let me know if we can’t just the connection be. Together. One but all together.

With oxygen in your lungs, hopefully.